Neal Franklin is the new Director of Operations for the ETMC EMS program. Neal was the former Fire Chief for the City of Tyler  and was promoted to his new position six months ago.

ETMC EMS is a not for profit emergency service provider for 17 counties that cover over 17,000 square miles. There are 15 hospitals in the servicing area with over 7,000 total employees. One of the brightest spots for the service is their Level One Trauma Center located at ETMC in Tyler. It is the only Level One center between Dallas and Houston. ETMC EMS has 117 ambulances in its fleet with over 400 employees to take care of most any emergency. "We are the largest provider in Texas and the second largest in the US for rural providers", said Franklin. There are always a Paramedic and EMT on board every vehicle. All ambulances are monitored by state of the art instrumentation and communication systems. 

Ambulances are monitored 24/7 for compliance reasons. The agency has to maintain a 90% grade to keep their certifications with the Independent Medical Board. A safety team evaluates the ambulance system every day to make certain they stay in compliance. Since drivers work 12 hour shifts, they stay current with all certifications and continuing education. Mr. Franklin is proud of the great system provided for East Texans and the Bullard Rotary Club is very appreciative of their hard work and dedication to excellent service