All of the committees met on Thursday, August 4th to discuss the vision and future of the Bullard Rotary Club. President Amanda was pleased with the direction of the club and expressed her appreciation for all the work and ideas the committes had for improving and growing the Club. Some of the ideas that were presented were these:The Red White and Blue Festival is coming up the second Saturday in November. Each year the Club sells raffle tickets to raise money for the causes we support. This year we hope to raise enough "seed" money to pay for all the items that will be given away. That would mean that all monies collected would be profit to the Club and would give the opportunity to help with international, national and local causes.

The Club also wants to increase its membership by a net five members. That will be the challenge and the Membership Committee believes that is well within its grasp to accomplish.

The Club intends to continue its support of eradicating Polio and supporting worldwide projects through "Every Rotarian, Every Year" and other initiatives established by Rotary International.

President Amanda wishes to thank all Committee chairs and members for their hard work and vision of the upcoming year.